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From:Jim Wallace Date:January 29 2009 2:48am
Subject:RE: stack trace corrupted
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You're throwing away the first row without checking its return.  I'd try
mysqlpp::Row row = res.fetch_row();

Look at simple3.cpp example which is almost identical.

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Subject: stack trace corrupted


I just integerated mysql++ to my application using vs 2008.

However, when on debug build, I get a stack trace corrupted issue.

I don't receive this when I'm on release build.

My code is pretty simple:

mysqlpp::Query query = mMySQLConnection.query("select * from scores");	
if(mysqlpp::UseQueryResult res = query.use())
      mysqlpp::Row row = res.fetch_row();
      while (mysqlpp::Row row = res.fetch_row())

Once the function call ends, i would receive the stack corrupted issue.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this please?


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