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From:Jim Wallace Date:January 28 2009 1:02pm
Subject:RE: Question about BadQuery
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I do that exact same thing elsewhere and was thinking the about doing it
in for the query to avoid getting my MySQL++ code out-of-sync.  However,
it does require the extra str() and quite a bit of code changes to do
that.  I'm going to look at when BadQuery is thrown and if it's easy to
put in the completed query I'll do that.


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To: Jim Wallace
Subject: Re: Question about BadQuery

Jim Wallace wrote:
> if I have multiple statements in a try/catch I could figure out
> which one caused the exception.

A way you could get by without it:

string last_query;
try {
	Query q("stuff");
	last_query = q.str();
	StoreQueryResult res =;
	// do something with res

	q = "other stuff";
	last_query = q.str();
	res =;
	// do more stuff

catch (const BadQuery& e) {
	cerr << "Query failed: \"" << last_query << "\"" << endl;

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