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From:Warren Young Date:January 21 2009 10:28pm
Subject:Re: Exceptions in MFC example application in Visual Studio 2008
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Rosie Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Running this in the Visual Studio debugger, the first problem I had with 
> the MFC application was using the Query << operator.  There is an 
> unhandled exception:
> Unhandled exception at 0x1048c18d (msvcp71d.dll) in mfc.exe: 0xC0000005: 
> Access violation writing location 0x0041bfc4.

You appear to be mixing VC++ build products, probably due to not 
completely rebuilding your program from source.  msvcp71d.dll is from 
VC++ 2003.  You can't go mixing this with the equivalent under VC++ 
2008, which will have a '9' in the name instead of a 7.

I tested mfc.exe here on my machine under VC++ 2008, and it runs fine.

If you can't immediately see where the mixing is happening, look to the 
libraries your program links against.  *All* of them have to be rebuilt 
against the new VC++ 2008 DLLs, or the resulting program will break.

> Am I nuts for trying to use VS 2008 with this library? Should I go back 
> to VS 2003, or 2005 (which I skipped entirely)?

I'd say you were nuts to keep using 2003 this long. :)  Far better than 
VC++ 7.0, but still pretty broken.  2005 fixed a lot of things, and 2008 
fixed several more.
Exceptions in MFC example application in Visual Studio 2008Rosie Fitzpatrick21 Jan
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