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From:Ryan Rosario Date:January 6 2009 7:39am
Subject:Stack Corruption with mysqlpp::Query
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I am working with some code that I did not develop and unfortunately I
cannot get a hold of the developer. Whenever I run the following snippet of
code, I get an error that the stack around "res" is corrupt.
A pointer to a db connection is made global at the beginning of the file:

mysqlpp::Connection *g_pdbcon1 = NULL;

and initialized in the main function:

g_pdbcon1 = new mysqlpp::Connection(mysqlpp::use_exceptions);


When the following code executes (in another function), I get the "stack
corruption" error.

mysqlpp::Query query = g_pdbcon1->query();
        query << "DESCRIBE " << szTable;
        mysqlpp::ResUse res = query.use();
In the debugger, it seems that a connection to MySQL is established and that
the query executed successfully.

What could the problem be? Are they not using Query correctly? ;-) Any
coding workarounds I could try?

I am using MS Visual Studio C++ 2008 Professional on Windows XP.

I have been pulling my hair out over this problem.


Stack Corruption with mysqlpp::QueryRyan Rosario6 Jan
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