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From:Rick Gutleber Date:December 31 2008 4:37pm
Subject:Re: reconnecting to MySQL after a server reboot
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Warren Young wrote:
>> It won't work until I start the app over again.
> Are you certain that this isn't just masking the fact that you're 
> trying again later?

Yes.  It's constantly retrying (every couple minutes or so) and 
failing.  When I restart, it works immediately.

>> Does anyone know if there is something I can do to correctly 
>> "reinitialize" things so the app can reconnect without being restarted.
> If it does turn out that you need to completely blow away all MySQL++ 
> and MySQL data structures and start over, you can send some kind of 
> signal to the app to tell it to restart.  On *ix type boxes, the 
> SIGUSR1 and SIGHUP signals are commonly used for this.  You could also 
> twiddle a semaphore, or send some kind of IPC message.

This may be the best option.  It's not like this kind of thing happens 
more often than very rarely.   Thanks for the info and suggestions.


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