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From:Edward Diener Date:December 20 2008 3:05am
Subject:SSL connection error
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1) A MySql database server built to accept SSL connections, with its 
server key, server certificate, and CA certificate called 'ca.pem', 
have_openssel = YES, have_ssl = YES, and using a well known cipher which 
I will call 'MYCIPHER' ( to protect the name of the actual cipher being 
used ).
2) A client program with its corresponding client key called 'ck.pem', 
client certificate called 'cc.pem', and the same CA certificate as the 
server called 'ca.pem', all in a client directory called 
3) A host called '', a database called 'mydatabase', a 
username called 'myuser', and a password called 'mypassword'.

My code is:

#include <mysql++.h>
// ...
mysqlpp::TCPConnection* conn(new *mysqlpp::TCPConnection);
mysqlpp::Option * opt(new 
// Line 4
conn -> set_option(opt); // Line 5
conn -> connect("","","myuser","mypassword");
catch (const mysqlpp::BadOption & e)
// Do recovery
catch (const mysqlpp::ConnectionFailed & e)
// Do recovery


The 'conn -> connect' call throws the mysqlpp::ConnectionFailed 
exception with an error code of 2026 and a message of "SSL connection 
If I comment out lines 4 and 5, therefore not making an SSL connection, 
everything succeeds.
Does anyone see anything wrong with my use of SslOption, or in my code 
otherwise ?
Does anyone know of any way I can determine why the SSL connection is 
failing ?

Thanks !
SSL connection errorEdward Diener20 Dec
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