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From:<Ebner.EJ.Johannes Date:December 18 2008 2:04pm
Subject:AW: Missing client.c
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Actually, I did everything right with MySQL++, but I definitely lack too much C++ skill to
work with MySQL++ that fast in that style I try to do.

Thank you a lot for your patience with me. I hope I can come back here to ask some
questions when I have understood C++... :-)

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>On Dec 17, 2008, at 2:33 AM, <Ebner.EJ.Johannes@stripped>
> > wrote:
>> I believe that client.c is missing
>Likely you're just calling MySQL++ incorrectly, causing a crash in the
>MySQL C API library.  I doubt we actually have to dig down to the C
>API level to debug this.
>Boil your code down to the smallest thing that gives the symptom
>(ideally less than 50 lines) and post it to the list.
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