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From:Edward Diener Date:December 17 2008 2:59am
Subject:SSL between client and server using SslOption
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I have a few questions about the parameters for SslOption and about SSL 
in general between the server and the client.
I do understand what a certificate, a private key, and a public key is 
in general.

1) In the parameters to SslOption, are the first three parameters just 
the file name portions of the full file specifications for the private 
key, public key, and certificate respectively ?
2) Is the fourth parameter the file path for all of the first three file 
names ? If this is so and the path is the current directory, can this be 
0 ?
3) What determines a valid cipher name, and where is that specified in 
MySql SSL in general  ? Is there a way to say that all ciphers are valid ?

When SSL goes between the client and the server, using the same 
certificate authority certificate, is there one set of public-private 
keys where the server's private key is the client's public key and the 
server's public key is the client's private key ? Or are there actually 
two distinct sets of public-private keys, one each for the client and 
the server ? The former seems logically correct but maybe I am missing 
something about how this works in SSL.
SSL between client and server using SslOptionEdward Diener17 Dec