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From:<Ebner.EJ.Johannes Date:December 15 2008 4:03pm
Subject:Compiling my own project
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Hi out there!

I am currently writing a wrapper for our MySQL database in C++ - and I'm fairly new to C++
(in fact, this is my first project ^^). So please excuse any dumb-ass things ;-)

Ok, now the problem: Whenever I try to compile my program (a single class at the moment)
using my makefile, this would be the output:

$> make test2
g++ -g -O2 -Wall           -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/mysql
-I/usr/local/mysql++-3.0.8/include/mysql++ -L/usr/lib64/mysql /usr/local/mysql++-3.0.8/lib
-l mysqlclient -l mysqlpp -l boost_regex test2.cpp -o test2
test2.cpp: In constructor 'Database::Database()':
test2.cpp:30: error: no matching function for call to
'mysqlpp::Connection::Connection(const char* [0u], const char* [0u], const char* [0u],
const char* [0u], unsigned int&)'
/usr/local/mysql++-3.0.8/include/mysql++/connection.h:114: note: candidates are:
mysqlpp::Connection::Connection(const mysqlpp::Connection&)
/usr/local/mysql++-3.0.8/include/mysql++/connection.h:108: note:                
mysqlpp::Connection::Connection(const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*,
unsigned int)
/usr/local/mysql++-3.0.8/include/mysql++/connection.h:72: note:                
make: *** [test2] Fehler 1


Ok now, here's the code extract I compiled to show you the error:

#include <mysql++.h>
#include <ostream>

using namespace std;

class Database
    const char* dbHost[];
    const char* dbName[];
    const char* dbUser[];
    const char* dbPass[];
    unsigned int dbPort;

    mysqlpp::Connection dbConn;

    Database(char* db, char* user, char* pass, char* host, unsigned int port);
    ~Database() {}

    *dbHost = "hostname:3306";
    *dbName = "db_name";
    *dbUser = "db_user";
    *dbPass = "password";
    dbPort = 3306;

    mysqlpp::Connection dbConn(dbName, dbHost, dbUser, dbPass, dbPort);

Database::Database(char* db, char* user, char* pass, char* host, unsigned int port)
        dbConn = mysqlpp::Connection(db, host, user, pass, port);
    catch(mysqlpp::ConnectionFailed connFailedEx)
        cerr << "Connection failed: " << connFailedEx.what()  << "Error
number " << connFailedEx.errnum() << endl;
    catch(mysqlpp::Exception ex)
        cerr << "Fatal error during connection initialization:" << endl
<< ex.what() << endl;


Do you have any suggestion why the function lookup fails to find the correct version? I am
sure the datatypes are correct - but on the other hand, this seems to be the only possible
I am really longing for your help - it is so frustrating....

Thanks in advance,

Compiling my own projectEbner.EJ.Johannes15 Dec
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