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From:Warren Young Date:December 14 2008 5:45am
Subject:Re: SSL connections
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On Dec 13, 2008, at 3:17 PM, Edward Diener wrote:

> How do I make a SSL connection using mysql++ ? I did not see any  
> mention of SSL in the mysql++ documentation but maybe I just missed  
> it.

It's been discussed on the list before.

You need to pass a mysqlpp::SslOption object to  

I suspect you're building for Windows?  If so, beware that we've seen  
problems getting this to work on Windows, confirmed by the comments  

There are further comments in that thread on building a MySQL with SSL  

The comments on that page are from 2003, but the failure reports on  
this list are much more recent, so for all I know, this is still the  
case.  If not, let us know so we can stop warning people. :)

> How does this translate to mysql++ ?

All of the parameters mentioned in the MySQL documentation are  
parameters to the SslOption object's ctor.

> Once an SSL connection is made does data automatically get encrypted/ 
> decrypted between the client and the server or is there something I  
> must do on the client to encrypt data before sending it to the  
> server and decrypt data before receiving it from the server ?

The whole point of SSL is that it's an encrypted channel for an  
arbitrary TCP connection.  That's why they renamed it TLS: Transport  
Layer (i.e. TCP) Security.
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