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From:Edward Diener Date:December 13 2008 10:17pm
Subject:SSL connections
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How do I make a SSL connection using mysql++ ? I did not see any mention 
of SSL in the mysql++ documentation but maybe I just missed it.

In the MySql help file, at the end of section I read:

"To establish a secure connection from within an application program, 
use the |mysql_ssl_set()| <ch22s02.html#mysql-ssl-set> C API function to 
set the appropriate certificate options before calling 
|mysql_real_connect()| <ch22s02.html#mysql-real-connect>. See Section, “|mysql_ssl_set()|” <ch22s02.html#mysql-ssl-set>. After the 
connection is established, you can use |mysql_get_ssl_cipher()| 
<ch22s02.html#mysql-get-ssl-cipher> to determine whether SSL is in use. 
A non-|NULL| return value indicates a secure connection and names the 
SSL cipher used for encryption. A |NULL| return value indicates that SSL 
is not being used. See Section, “|mysql_get_ssl_cipher()|” 

How does this translate to mysql++ ?

Once an SSL connection is made does data automatically get 
encrypted/decrypted between the client and the server or is there 
something I must do on the client to encrypt data before sending it to 
the server and decrypt data before receiving it from the server ?

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