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From:Jay Rajput Date:December 8 2008 3:55pm
Subject:Template queries - Do they make your code complex?
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Hi All,

Does template queries made your code complex or I am not making the proper
use of them?

I am looking for more examples of template queries. Are there other
libraries or languages which support the concept of template queries, where
I can look how they are making an efficient use of them.

MySQLpp provides a couple of examples which is more than what I expect from
any open source libraries. But the examples is not what I will be doing in
my code.

I have five functions in my code, All these functions read a column on the
basis of ColumnName, TableName, WhereClause. So these functions are ideally
the same. There is some more added complexity depending on the type of the
columnName. ColumnName can be int or string. If the ColumnName is string I
just return a blank string to notify that the ColumnName does not exist to
the caller. For Int Column Name I have a boolean Return Value to specify the

Any code examples in other libraries or languages?

Thanks & Regards,

Template queries - Do they make your code complex?Jay Rajput8 Dec