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From:Rick Gutleber Date:November 24 2008 6:03pm
Subject:insertfrom( ) patch
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Here's a new version of my insertfrom( ) patch.  I've addressed each 
issue in the feedback you gave, although there is a difference in the 
line-endings having to do with the jpeg examples in bmark.txt.  The 
original has DOS-style line-endings in that example but not the rest of 
the output, which seems inconsistent.

I took your suggested and moved the escape_string( ) functionality into 
DBDriver, which I think is the most logical way to handle the problem of 
multiple versions of that function.  DBDriver provides both versions of 
escape_string( ), the const char * version and the std::string * version 
in both regular and static forms.  Everything else calls the appropriate 
version of these methods according to whether or not a database 
connection is present.  I moved the detailed documentation to DBDriver, 
which is the centralized, "official" location for escape_string( ) now.  
It bugs me that the normal and static std::string * versions of 
escape_string( ) are non-trivial in length and almost identical, but I 
don't think there's a reasonable way to work around that without adding 
unneeded complexity.

I gzipped the output so my e-mail client doesn't lunch the patch format 
like it did last time.  Hopefully this will work for you.


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