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From:Rick Gutleber Date:November 24 2008 3:24pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v3.0.7
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Just out of curiosity, since mysqlpp::String is _not_ derived from 
std::string, I was wondering about the decision process behind this, 
since it seems to be a natural thing to do.  I know the std library 
stuff doesn't lend itself well to being derived from, but std::string 
seems to make a decent base class for a more fleshed-out string class, 
or in this case, one with extra special ninja powers.

When I took over my project, there was a class (really a namespace 
masquerading as a class since all the methods were static) called 
StringUtils, which implemented a bunch of useful utility-type functions 
lacking in std::string.  Eventually, I just transformed it into a class 
derived from std::string which makes using this stuff more convenient.  
Since my derived class is still a std::string, it's pretty transparent 
to use.

As always, thanks to the MySQL++ team and volunteers.


Warren Young wrote:
> 3 months worth of fixes and tweaks in this one.  Highly recommended 
> for all MySQL++ v3 users.  This may be the last version of MySQL++ 
> before v3.1.0.
>     o Fixed bug where initting a Query with a query string and then
>       appending more to it with operator <<() would start overwriting
>       the beginning of the buffer.  Thanks for the fix go to Chris
>       Frey.
>     o Added String::empty(), to parallel std::string better.
>     o Added SQLTypeAdapter ctor for Null<String>, to allow SSQLS with
>       NULL BLOB columns.  Thanks for this patch go to Russell Robinson.
>     o Passing on "throw exceptions" flag in Query::storein() to the
>       temporary Row objects it creates.  (Should have done this
>       all along.)
>     o All MySQL++ classes with operator[]() and at() methods now
>       throw the new BadIndex exception on out of range indices now,
>       unconditionally.  Before, it was a mishmash of MySQL++-specific
>       mechanisms, std::range_error, and unchecked access.
>     o Fixed some bugs in load_jpeg and cgi_jpeg examples that prevented
>       them from working correctly on Windows.
>     o Squished some warnings and incompatibilities that caused
>       difficulty with Solaris CC.
>     o Several minor fixes to allow building on Cygwin again.
>     o Dedicated VC++ 2008 support.  (Not just a clone of VC++ 2005
>       project files in a different directory.)
>     o Lots of documentation improvements.
> As always, it's available at

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