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From:Rick Gutleber Date:November 20 2008 4:14pm
Subject:Suggestion for HACKERS.TXT
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I'd recommend adding some details to HACKERS.TXT concerning the format, 
particularly since a few things are non-obvious.  I would also suggest 
you point out that methods in classes are sorted alphabetically in the 
source and header files, which is something I just noticed.

Although a lot of the feedback you gave me was from stuff I missed or 
forgot from HACKERS.TXT, some more explanation might be a good idea.  
I'd do it myself, but I figure I'd be likely to leave something out and 
you'd have to fix it anyway.  I'd also _maybe_ recommend doing a 
"whitespace" pass in SVN since some of the files don't conform 
completely; I've seen occasional spaces where tabs should be, and 
trailing whitespace.  Using vi in "set list" mode makes it really easy 
to spot those things.  I also have a thingy in my .vimrc that highlights 
trailing whitespace in red, which is also helpful:

au Syntax * syn match Error /\s\+$/ | syn match Error /\(^\s*\)\@<= 


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