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From:Jonathan Wakely Date:November 20 2008 12:35am
Subject:Re: Here goes nothing.
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2008/11/19 Rick Gutleber:
> I know what you mean.  I got hit several months ago by an insidious bug
> where, I'd accidently gotten some arguments in the wrong order or something
> similar and rather than complain that it couldn't cast a bool to the type it
> was expecting, g++ figured int was close enough, and called the constructor
> with 1 or 0.  Frankly I cannot imagine why; bools are not numbers.   That's
> the whole reason the type exists.  I'm pretty sure the Microsoft compiler
> didn't do this sort of thing.

Then it's non-conforming. bool converts to int, just like int converts
to long. bools definitely are numbers, they are an arithmetic type
according to the standard.

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