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From:Warren Young Date:November 19 2008 1:46am
Subject:Re: currupted image when sending jpeg using load_jpeg
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On Nov 18, 2008, at 3:51 PM, Michael O wrote:

> About the rewrite. I assume you are still working on it.

No.  MySQL++ policy is to not check in code unless it at least  
compiles, and ideally makes for a complete feature.

> It failed when I compiled: The error was missing image.h.I decided  
> to go see if I could use the same link you game me and the header  
> files had nothing in it but one line and 2 empty #includes.

I think you must have guessed the wrong URL.  Here's the correct one:*checkout*/mysqlpp/trunk/examples/images.h

It looks fine to me.

> Do you recomend storing images into the database

Personally, I don't like using BLOBs much at all.  I think they  
violate an important precept of database theory, which is that each  
column should contain just one thing.  Is an image just one thing, or  
is it, as the poets insist, a stand-in for a thousand words?  What  
about other binary formats, like ZIP or MPEG files, which naturally  
represent many things assembled together?

My company's use of MySQL++ has an area where it *could* store images  
in the DB, but it doesn't.  We store the images for a particular table  
outside the DB, with the files named after the key field of the table  
they're attached to.

When there's a web server involved, it works even better to store  
images outside the DB, because then you can just point the web server  
at the directory where the images live, and don't need to do DB  
lookups at all.  It allows for better caching logic, too.

The purpose of the load_jpeg/cgi_jpeg pair isn't so much to endorse  
images in BLOB columns, but just to show that it can be done, and  
how.  I do believe there are justifiable uses for BLOB columns, but I  
find that they're often specialized uses, so they don't make good  

> P.S. The files online have no formatting with them they are all just  
> one line

That's probably a Windows vs. Unix sort of thing.  You'll have better  
luck if you check the svn version out with a proper Subversion client,  
rather than go through the web interface.
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