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From:Warren Young Date:November 17 2008 7:06pm
Subject:Re: Here goes nothing.
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Rick Gutleber wrote:
> I should have asked about the copyrights... I just assumed the whole 
> project was copyrighted a certain way and anything added would include 
> that "global" copyright.  I'll make those changes.  You don't have to 
> ask twice about me putting my name on something.

The fact is, we don't have a copyright assignment system in place for 
MySQL++, and to add it at this late stage would be nearly pointless. 
So, we're old school open source here: whatever you make is (c) you, and 
we collect it together and make stone soup from it.

> Regarding code style... you seem to be as OCD about it as I am...

As is any good programmer.  Computers don't tolerate imprecision, so 
that reflects in the sorts of people who get attracted to this.  Show me 
a sloppy programmer, and I'll show you a bad programmer.

> It may be a day or two until I get around to this, not feeling too well 
> (two of my kids are sick, I think I got it from them).

No rush.  I want to get 3.0.7 out before I can apply your patch anyway.
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