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From:Rick Gutleber Date:November 17 2008 6:15pm
Subject:[Fwd: Re: Here goes nothing.]
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Thanks for the feedback.

Thunderbird seems to have put the attachment inline for me.  That might 
be a setting, IIRC.  I'll just attach an archive as suggested.

I should have asked about the copyrights... I just assumed the whole 
project was copyrighted a certain way and anything added would include 
that "global" copyright.  I'll make those changes.  You don't have to 
ask twice about me putting my name on something.

Regarding code style... you seem to be as OCD about it as I am...  just 
in a completely different way.  If I weren't similarly anal-retentive, I 
think I'd have to find that annoying.  ;-)  Actually, consistency in 
format is a very high priority for me; it's a lot more useful than I 
think people tend to realize.

It may be a day or two until I get around to this, not feeling too well 
(two of my kids are sick, I think I got it from them).


[Fwd: Re: Here goes nothing.]Rick Gutleber17 Nov