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From:Rick Gutleber Date:November 11 2008 11:54pm
Subject:Re: insertfrom( ) questions
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Warren Young wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2008, at 8:56 AM, Rick Gutleber wrote:
> It should be universal by now, but it isn't.  I was using editors back 
> in my DOS days that could do this, but it seems like half these spiffy 
> GUI IDEs I have to use can't.  Grrr...

I don't think there's a specific feature for it in Multi-edit, but it 
was easy enough to write a macro for it.  I don't care about having 
every whiz-bang feature imaginable if there's a half-decent macro 

>> For diffs I use this:
>> alias svndiff='svn diff --diff-cmd /usr/bin/diff --extensions 
>> '\''--expand-tabs --ignore-all-space --ignore-blank-lines 
>> --ignore-space-change --minimal'\'' '
> Hey, cool!  I've been wishing for 'svn diff -w' since starting with 
> svn, and didn't see that I could get the feature externally.  I'll 
> stick with 'svn diff' for day to day use, since I still want to know 
> about whitespace changes, but I've now got an sdw alias for when I 
> need to see past them:
>     alias sdw='svn diff --diff-cmd /usr/bin/diff --extensions -bdtuwB'
> I added -u.  I really like unified diffs.

Glad I could help.  The default svn diff really turned me off enough to 
figure out an alternative.  Of course, svn is so superior to cvs in so 
many other ways it's not funny.

>> *Yes, I'm still wedded to doing editing in a Windows program, I've 
>> been using it since 1988, back when it was a simple DOS program 
>> written in Turbo Pascal, sorry, I've got too much momentum to get 
>> serious about learning vi for more than the basics.
> I'm the same way about vi...which I've been using since before I got 
> into DOS.  :)

I'm getting comfortable with vi for any non-rigorous editing, but I 
still like a more "modern" modeless style for most things.  Of course, I 
recognize vi's superior design, but my attitude is not (yet) hard-core 
enough to really learn it.

Really if I can throw in a few WordStar key-mappings, I'm happy with 
most editors, but I definitely take advantage of any customization I 
can.  For instance, I never bought into "black on white is easier on the 
eyes".  It's definitely not.  It's too much trouble to change for most 
software, but when I'm editing code, I need black.  Preferably with 
green text. 

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