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From:Warren Young Date:October 31 2008 12:08am
Subject:Re: InsertPolicy and Transactions
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Rick Gutleber wrote:
> Does it really make sense for allow_transactions() to be part of the 
> policy or should it be a bool option passed in to insertfrom( )?
> The reason I ask is because it seems silly to have to have two different 
> InsertPolicy objects that differ only in whether transactions are 
> allowed or not.

There are patterns to allow the extra attribute without creating a 
parallel class hierarchy.  I'd use traits:

	template <class AccessController = Transaction>
	class MyPolicy
		typedef AccessController access_controller;

Then you could create a no-op NoTransactions class with the same 
interface as Transaction, so that MyPolicy<NoTransactions> would be 
MyPolicy without transactions.  This relieves from insertfrom() the 
burden to care about transactions:

	InsertPolicy::access_controller ac(&conn_);

A bool parameter to insertfrom() defaulting to true would make the code 
more complex.  Based on the last code you posted, it looks like you'd 
have to add 4 or so new tests to decide whether to do the transaction 
stuff.  This way, you avoid the additional tests.  This pays off in both 
understandability and run-time efficiency (the former much more 
important than the latter) because the compiler can optimize away 
NoTransactions entirely.

This also localizes concerns better: whether to use transactions or not 
*is* part of the insertion policy.

And finally, it does offer some flexibility, at the low low cost of a 
little extra template goo, which gets paid for out of other accounts: 
efficiency, code simplicity, and proper localization of concerns.
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