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From:Rick Gutleber Date:October 21 2008 1:31pm
Subject:Re: sleep, usleep and nanosleep (MySQL++ examples)
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Warren Young wrote:
> Rick Gutleber wrote:
> That's probably examples/multiquery.cpp, which had debugging code 
> accidentally checked in.  It's been removed from svn.
OK.  I was wondering because I'd never seen that problem before.
> Shouldn't be necessary now.  We only use sleep() and Sleep().  If your 
> platform has neither, we can talk about making an ifdef case to 
> implement sleep() in terms of nanosleep(), but I think you'll find 
> that you really do have sleep().  Perhaps the examples just don't 
> include a necessary header for your platform.
When you configure for multithread awareness the compiler can't find 
sleep( ).  It turns out that if you add "#include <unistd.h>" in 
cpool.cpp it solves the problem.


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