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From:Warren Young Date:October 20 2008 9:22pm
Subject:Re: sleep, usleep and nanosleep (MySQL++ examples)
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Rick Gutleber wrote:
> I was getting a compilation error concerning usleep( ) in one of the example
> programs. 

That's probably examples/multiquery.cpp, which had debugging code 
accidentally checked in.  It's been removed from svn.

> one of the examples did not build because of the sleep( 
> ) function.

sleep() is POSIX.  What platform are you on that doesn't have this, 
which is also not Windows?  (We use Sleep() there.)

> nanosleep( ) function

Shouldn't be necessary now.  We only use sleep() and Sleep().  If your 
platform has neither, we can talk about making an ifdef case to 
implement sleep() in terms of nanosleep(), but I think you'll find that 
you really do have sleep().  Perhaps the examples just don't include a 
necessary header for your platform.
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