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From:Rick Gutleber Date:October 20 2008 8:22pm
Subject:sleep, usleep and nanosleep (MySQL++ examples)
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Dear Plusplusers:

I have been recently discussing an idea with Warren concerning support 
in the insert method for collections for creating the associated SQL 
generated by the call according to a policy object passed in with the 
call.  This will allow MySQL++ calls to insert collections of object to 
be mindful of MySQL's "maximum packet size" for queries transparently 
such that the user does not need to worry about the size of the 
collection to be inserted.  The policy object could have other uses as 
well, and will be open-ended in its design to allow to for new ideas.

Upon retrieving the code, and going through some iterations with the IT 
guys to get our ancient OS up to date in order to support the MySQL++ 
build environment, I discovered that after running the "bootstrap" 
script and doing a plain-vanilla build I was getting a compilation error 
concerning usleep( ) in one of the example programs.

Similarly, in the past when building the multithread-aware version of 
MySQL++, which is used in our project, I found that while the library 
built just fine, one of the examples did not build because of the sleep( 
) function.  The multithread-aware version of MySQL++ can be built with 
"./configure --enable-thread-check" which allows MySQL++ to run properly 
in a multi-threaded application.

However, all these problems can be eliminated using the POSIX standard 
nanosleep( ) function, which I'd never heard of until I did some Googlin'.

My question to my learned and esteemed listmates is:  Are there any 
reasons you know why this function would be unsuitable for use in the 
MySQL++ example apps?


sleep, usleep and nanosleep (MySQL++ examples)Rick Gutleber20 Oct
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