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From:Demetris Zavorotnichenko Date:October 15 2008 10:41am
Subject:pretty simple styff
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Hi everyone.


I'm New to mysql++ and just compiled the library and testing out some



My questions are pretty lame at this point but please bare with me and help
if you can.


My application is SMS handling, I'm using the OzekiNG(if anyone knows it)
which basicly has 2 tables in a database: messagesin & messagesout


My task is pretty simple


1.I need to read out a row (all rows) from a table (messagesin) 2.Do my
funky functions and calculations based on what's in it 3.Delete the row I
just read 4.Create a new row in another table (messagesout) 5.delete that
one as well when the field "status" has changed 


The reading part is pretty much self explanatory in the example files that
come with the library


It's the "Create a new field" and "delete a field" that I'm having problems


I haven't used much MySql at all, but now I kinda have to. 


I know that for most of you guys these things are pretty simple but for me
it's like walking in the dark. 


Please help out, point to the functions or code I need. I would appreciate
any help you can give me.






pretty simple styffDemetris Zavorotnichenko15 Oct