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From:Russell Robinson Date:September 29 2008 9:20pm
Subject:Bug: cannot insert a Null<sql_blob>
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Hi Warren,

Thanks for your reply, but I don't think you checked out the program I 

I'm simply doing this:

If I declare the SSQLS record without the Nullable blob, the above statement 
compiles fine.

If I declare it with the Nullable blob, it doesn't.

Other Nullable column types are fine (the ones I tried anyway).

I'm working around the problem with my own insert function, but clearly 
there's a problem if a small legal change in a declaration breaks the 
standard insert function at compile time.

Russell Robinson (russellr@stripped)
Bug: cannot insert a Null<sql_blob>Russell Robinson29 Sep
  • Re: Bug: cannot insert a Null<sql_blob>Warren Young30 Sep