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From:Andrew Sayers Date:September 27 2008 1:13am
Subject:Re: Regressions with quoting
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Warren Young wrote:
> Andrew Sayers wrote:
>> the new
>> selective quoting means that now I have to pass a Query wherever I want
>> quoting to work.
> That's a feature.  MySQL++ shouldn't quote or escape things if it
> doesn't know for a fact that you're building SQL strings and that the
> thing being inserted really needs quoting or escaping.
> (By the way, I think you mean escaping, not quoting.)

Indeed I do, but shouldn't the fact that I put mysqlpp::escape before a
string be quite a strong hint?

I suspect this is the point where you tell me there are half a dozen
ways to do escaping, of which I happen only to know one :)

>> Could we add static member functions that call
>> DBDriver::escape_string_no_conn()?
> Add static methods to what?  And, what method signature do you want to see?

As I wrote that, my instinct was to have some sort of static
mysqlpp::Query::escape_string() alongside the normal ones, as that's
where I would look for them as a user.  Replacing my UI designer hat
with a more library-friendly garment, ordinary mysqlpp::escape_string()
functions with similar signatures to their
mysqlpp::Query::escape_string() counterparts would probably be more

> Also, I'm not wild about code using the no-conn escaping method any more
> than necessary.  If you do it without reference to the server's
> character set, you may do it wrong.  AFAIK, there is only one use of the
> no-conn method left in MySQL++, and there's no alternative there.

To be honest, I don't really understand the character set thing.  Are we
talking about UTF-8 vs. Latin-1, or ASCII vs. EBCDIC?  If it's the
former, I'll withdraw my suggestion.  If it's the latter, I'll take my

> I see why you don't want to call DBDriver::escape_string_no_conn()
> directly, but without knowing where you want on-demand escaping, or how
> that ties in with other string data types, I'm a bit lost as to what you
> really want.  Can you give pseudocode showing how the new interface is
> supposed to work?

In 2.3, I could do something like this:

std::ostream& shared_sql_fragment(std::ostream& o, ...)
   return o
	<< "WHERE " << mysqlpp::quote << foo
	<< " = '" << mysqlpp::escape << bar << "'";

Then call shared_sql_fragment() everywhere I wanted an SQL fragment of
the relevant format.  Using an ostream let me pass in an ostringstream
if I wanted to compile the string ahead of time.  I'm assuming it's too
late to get that exact functionality back, but something like this still
seems practical:

std::ostream& shared_sql_fragment(std::ostream& o, ...)
   return o
	<< "WHERE '" << foo << "' = '"  << bar << "'";

	- Andrew
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