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From:manish Date:September 26 2008 4:49am
Subject:Re: dump from mysql to "xl" file
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Thanks for reply

Actually my problem associated with a Mysql query which is not executing my 
any function through mysql++.
this query is:

SELECT * FROM table1 INTO OUTFILE "some.xl file"

                            How do I execute this query ,I don't know.
I have tried  like this:
mysqlpp::Query query=conn.query();
conn<<SELECT * FROM table1 INTO OUTFILE "some.xl file";

It is executed succesfully but doesnot create any file named 'some.xl'.

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> 2008/9/24 manish:
>> Hi
>>   can anybody tell me ,What are the function present in mysql++ for dump 
>> the database into microsoft XL file.Please reply as soon as possible
> mysqldump can be used to generate file in something approximating CSV,
> which can be imported by Excel.

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