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From:Mark Easton Date:September 26 2008 12:11am
Subject:I Just want a makefile example!
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I am just using MYSQL++ for the first time, and something so really basic is
not documented/exampled anywhere. I am just writing my first mysql++
program, but what library do I link in?

I looked at the user manual, the examples folder and the various READMEs and
no where was there any instruction on what library to link in when making my
app. No example makefiles that I could see.

I will probably work it out by looking in /usr/local/lib folder and seeing
what libs have been added from when I "make installed" mysql++ but I would
have thought the doco would have covered something as simple as this. Saves
people like me spending ages trying to work it out.


I Just want a makefile example!Mark Easton26 Sep
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