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From:Ian Daysh Date:September 24 2008 8:53am
Subject:RE: dump from mysql to "xl" file
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As Warren has said, to get something into Excel will have to be a 2-part

1) Using MySQL++ for data retrieval
2) Generating a file suitable for Excel.

I had a similar issue, and ended up finding that Microsoft have
reasonable documentation for their xml spreadsheet format where you can
specify formatting, tabs etc. This ends up being much easier as you can
write to a plain text file.


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manish wrote:
> What are the function present in mysql++ for dump the database into 
> microsoft XL file.

There are no large-scale data format conversion functions of any sort in

MySQL++.  That is not its purpose.

You could use MySQL++ to write such a thing, with MySQL++ handling the
"read from MySQL" part, but it would be up to you to figure out how to
write the data you retrieve out in Excel format.

If you just need a simple one-time data conversion (i.e. not something
ongoing or needing automation) I recommend MySQL's Query Browser tool:

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