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From:James Vanns Date:September 5 2008 9:14am
Subject:Strange behaviour with 3.0.6
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Hi. I've just compiled and installed said version of MySQL++ against MySQL 5.0.27 on a
Linux box with G++ 4.1.2.

I was working fine with 2.3.2 and since changing my code according to the incompatibility
page here all my data
returned from an SSQL execution is er, 0 or blank!

Here is my code (like I said, this worked fine with 2.3.2):

sql_create_2 (hdb_module_t, 2, 0,
              sql_varchar, name,
              sql_smallint_unsigned, id)

set<hdb_module_t> modules;
Query query = conn->query();
static const module_query("select name, id from modules");

query << module_query;
query.storein (modules);

Now I'll stop right here because, no exception is ever thrown, no error is return (errnum
is 0) the query seemingly executes fine and the set holds the correct no. of entries - say
~20 rows from the result set return from MySQL. The odd thing is they are all blank and 0
(the names are blank and the ids are 0).

Why on earth would that be!? If I execute the same query in an SQL shell it returns what
is expected - different names and ids none equal to 0, NULL or ''!

Has anyone had this behaviour with 3.0.6 SSQL? I can't seem anymore notes in the
incompatibility notes that I need to pay attention too.



James Vanns
Systems Programmer
Framestore CFC Ltd.
Strange behaviour with 3.0.6James Vanns5 Sep