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From:Guru Clint Date:August 15 2008 7:03pm
Subject:insert_id always 0 when using stored procedures
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So, I'm using stored procedures to create new records in my tables.

It's just a regular SP with input arguments and an INSERT statement.
All working very well.

Now I wanted to get the ID of the new record (auto increment key), but it always returns
So I tried calling the stored procedure with the MySQL command line, then doing a


and that works like a charm.

But it doesn't want to work with mysql++

I have MultiStatementsOption turned on for the connection, and am executing it as follows:

            sqlResult =;

            m_uliLastID =

         if (bResultExpected)
    MESSAGEBOX(MB_TYPE_INFO, "Nothing found");
    bResult = false;

            /* retreive all results,
otherwise the next query will fail */
            for (int i = 1;
sqlQuery.more_results(); ++i) {
mysqlpp::StoreQueryResult sqlResultDump =

        }catch(mysqlpp::Exception &ex){
            return false;

m_uliLastID however, is always 0

I tried different things, like using a SimpleResult with the execute() method, but doesn't
I'm using the same connection (opens when the app starts, closes when it's killed)

So what am I doing wrong here?
I can solve this by putting the SELECT statement after the INSERT in the SP, but that
should be the last option as mysql++ provides a method for it...

thx for the help :)

insert_id always 0 when using stored proceduresGuru Clint17 Aug
  • Re: insert_id always 0 when using stored proceduresWarren Young18 Aug