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From:Warren Young Date:August 11 2008 1:18am
Subject:Re: VS-2005 (32bit) Compile Problem
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On Aug 10, 2008, at 2:15 PM, Paul Aitman (Work) wrote:

> It is failing because it appears the min and max macros which this  
> file uses have somehow become undefined. I am not quite sure how  
> this has happened because I have done a search for any #define  
> NOMINMAX and various things like that and cannot see anything.

The main MySQL++ headers used to #include <my_global.h> before  
mysql.h, which pulls in a lot of this C-ish stuff needed by mysql.h.   
That conflicts with C++ things like std::min/max, so now we define the  
things my_global.h does manually within MySQL++, in C++ terms, before  
pulling in mysql.h.

Perhaps this Windows header isn't satisfied with our C emulations?   
You may have to #include <stdlib.h> or something like that between  
mysql++.h and windows.h (?).

In the current version, you can see how this works in lib/common.h.   
I'm pretty sure this used to be in a different file in earlier  
versions (perhaps platform.h or mysql++.h?) so if you go comparing,  
you'll need to poke around a bit to find the equivalent sections.
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