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From:Paul Aitman (Work) Date:August 10 2008 8:15pm
Subject:VS-2005 (32bit) Compile Problem
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Hi Folks,

I have recently upgraded all my projects to the latest MySQL++ wrapper 
and they all work fine bar one.

The one which has a problem is failing owing to a compilation error in 
Windows file GdiplusTypes.h

It is failing because it appears the min and max macros which this file 
uses have somehow become undefined. I am not quite sure how this has 
happened because I have done a search for any #define NOMINMAX and 
various things like that and cannot see anything.

Does anyone know if there is anything peculiar to the latest version of 
MySQL++ that might be causing this problem because I have never 
encountered it before and it only occurs in one of my projects.

Many Thanks,

Paul Aitman.

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