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From:Warren Young Date:August 6 2008 11:37pm
Subject:RELEASE: v3.0.5
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Lots of little bug fixes in this one:

     o Replaced install.bat with new install.hta, which has a GUI and a
       lot of embeded logic for doing The Right Thing, which we couldn't
       do in a dumb batch file.

     o Several fixes to allow it to build on Solaris 10.

     o Fixed a bug in comparison of Null<T> to T: wouldn't always give
       the right result for one particular combination of argument
       values and order of parameters to operator <().  It wouldn't
       fail all the time, either; it depended on the way the system's
       memory allocator dealt with newly allocated RAM.  The bug was
       discovered during the Solaris 10 porting effort, but it is not
       a Solaris-specific bug.

     o Split Linux-specific material out of README-Unix.txt into
       README-Linux.txt, and created README-Solaris.txt.

     o Shipping a vc2008 directory.  Populated by bootstrap script with
       copies of vc2005 files when those are newer, with the idea being
       to update them by hand by running them through VC++2008 before

     o Several fixes to VS-only examples. They hadn't been updated to
       track several of the changes in MySQL++ v3, so they wouldn't
       build OOTB at all, crashed when you did get them building, and
       emitted a lot of warnings during the build.  Cleaned it all up.

     o Autoconf now explicitly checks whether we need to link to zlib
       to link to MySQL C API library.  It used to be required, but
       lately, MySQL has been shipping the library with zlib stuff
       embedded, causing multiply defined symbol errors on some systems.

As always, it's available at
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