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From:Alex Date:August 6 2008 7:58am
Subject:Re: FYI: MySQL Connector/C++ released
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Well, seeing as the program I'm developing requires a very robust and stable
MySQL library, I guess I'll go with MySQL++.


2008/8/5 Ulf Wendel <uwendel@stripped>

> Alex schrieb:
>> Well, which would be better to go for in the long run? Connector/C++ or
>> MySQL++?
> Only time will tell. Honestly, I do not know.
> If you need a "free" solution then MySQL++ is yours. MySQL++ is LGPL.
> Connector/C++ is GPL (+ FLOSS License Exception). MySQL++ is ready for
> production environments, MySQL Connector/C++ is not.
> I'm a user of a Sony DSLR. There are rumors that Sony will release a new
>  and exiting DSLR. Many people keep endless discussions going on wheter
> Sony, brand A, brand B or brand C will be the better choice given that a
> rumor on Sony model D exists. Those who want to take nice pictures today and
> enjoy their hobby/profession of photography base their choice of a DSLR
> camera on what is available on the market today.
> Sure, I do hope that the MySQL Connector/C++ will become rock solid,
> super-fast and feature-loaded. But that's future music.
> While writing these lines I see Warren's reply. I agree: decide based on
> what is out today. Go MySQL++, if you like it. MySQL++ has proven to be
> constantly developed over many years. If you have time, wait a bit an check
> if Connector/C++ develops the way you like it.
> Ulf
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