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From:Ulf Wendel Date:August 5 2008 6:18pm
Subject:Re: FYI: MySQL Connector/C++ released
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Warren Young schrieb:
> Ulf Wendel wrote:
>> We finally managed to release a preview version of the MySQL 
>> Connector/C++. 
> Thanks for letting me know.  This is what I've been waiting for, before 
> I mention it on the MySQL++ home page.  I didn't want to comment 
> publicly until it was formally released.
> I'll do this soon.

Ok, great! I'm eager to hear the feedback from you and all the MySQL++ 
users. Here's the link to the announcement mail with further information:

MySQL++ has been around for years and is for sure a very welcome and 
valuable addition to the MySQL ecosystem. Credits go to all contributors 
and developers of MySQL++ !

This new product is not an attempt of Sun/MySQL to harm the MySQL++ 
project in any way. For example, there are no plans to shut down this 
mailing list. The MySQL Connector/C++ has got its own mailing list at

Warren and I discussed earlier if we should share one list. I don't 
think so because MySQL++ and Connector/C++ are different:

*  Connector/C++ follows the JDBC 3.0 API
* The MySQL++ API is "C++-ish" and rich of C++ specific goodies

* Connector/C++ is licensed under the GPL (+ FLOSS License Exception)
* Connector/C++ is also available under a commercial license upon request
* MySQL++ uses LGPL

* Connector/C++ is available as a preview
* MySQL++ offers GA (General Availability) releases

 From . You have the 
choice! However, there are two mailing lists because the two products 
have little in common except of the fact that both are for C++ . Also, 
by having two mailing lists we have two mailing list archives which 
makes it easier for you to search for information.

All, please be gentle with the MySQL Connector/C++. Its a preview 
release. Its very limited in functionality.


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