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From:Bernard Date:July 25 2008 1:41am
Subject:Re: Beta testers wanted for new Windows installer
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I downloaded and ran the new installer.

It seems to have worked, I used the Install in versioned directory 
option and it created a new folder called 3.0.4 with two sub folders:

include and vc2005, the vc2005 has two sub folders Debug and Release 
with the dll and lib file copied into them.

I am not sure which versions of the dll and libs it copied as I have two 
separate builds the standard build and a Windows Forms version (compiled 
with /clr).

Warren Young wrote:
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">MySQL++'s 
> install.bat sux, primarily because batch files suck.
> So, I've been looking a technology I could use to replace it that was 
> powerful enough to let me make a smarter installer, but which wasn't 
> overkill.  I wasn't willing to use anything that required a 
> compilation step, for example.  And I wanted a GUI, if at all possible.
> Turns out, there's something built into Windows since at least the 
> Win2K days that does this: HTML Applications.  Kinda like Adobe AIR, 
> only with, like, an 8 year head start.  (The fable of the tortoise and 
> the hare comes to mind at this point.)  HTA isn't as powerful as AIR, 
> but it's just about ideal for this.
> The new installer works here, but I'd like to have a few people test 
> it on their systems before I release it as part of MySQL++ v3.0.5.  
> You can download the current version here:
> Copy it to the directory you unpacked MySQL++ into, and just 
> double-click it to run it.  Operation should be self-explanatory.  
> It's just a text file (a variant of HTML, actually) so you can open it 
> and see how it works.  The only tricky bit is that it uses an ActiveX 
> object to do the file operations:
> It *could* totally roach your hard drive.  Caveat hacker.
> </div>
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