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From:Warren Young Date:July 23 2008 2:59am
Subject:Beta testers wanted for new Windows installer
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MySQL++'s install.bat sux, primarily because batch files suck.

So, I've been looking a technology I could use to replace it that was 
powerful enough to let me make a smarter installer, but which wasn't 
overkill.  I wasn't willing to use anything that required a compilation 
step, for example.  And I wanted a GUI, if at all possible.

Turns out, there's something built into Windows since at least the Win2K 
days that does this: HTML Applications.  Kinda like Adobe AIR, only 
with, like, an 8 year head start.  (The fable of the tortoise and the 
hare comes to mind at this point.)  HTA isn't as powerful as AIR, but 
it's just about ideal for this.

The new installer works here, but I'd like to have a few people test it 
on their systems before I release it as part of MySQL++ v3.0.5.  You can 
download the current version here:

Copy it to the directory you unpacked MySQL++ into, and just 
double-click it to run it.  Operation should be self-explanatory.  It's 
just a text file (a variant of HTML, actually) so you can open it and 
see how it works.  The only tricky bit is that it uses an ActiveX object 
to do the file operations:

It *could* totally roach your hard drive.  Caveat hacker.
Beta testers wanted for new Windows installerWarren Young23 Jul
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