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From:Rick Gutleber Date:July 9 2008 6:34pm
Subject:Re: Thread-awareness vs thread-safety
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Warren Young wrote:
> Please, keep replies on the list.  I'm allowing this subthread to go 
> off into personal-land, but in general...
Whoops!  That was not intentional.

> Rick Gutleber wrote:
>> I see what I did.  I used "./configure --enable-thread-check" but not 
>> with "--disable-dependency-tracking" like you do in the spec file.
> I think you've masked the real fix.  The spec file disables dependency 
> tracking because it slows down the first build in order to make future 
> ones faster and more reliable.  Because an RPM build always starts 
> with a fresh source tree, there is no point to dependency tracking.  
> It just slows things down, with no benefit.
That's what I'd assumed.

> Perhaps you forced it to rebuild everything, so that "make clean all" 
> would have given the same result.
OK.  I did the following:

make clean all
./configure --enable-thread-check

and it built successfully.  I guess the difference was that originally I 
did "make clean" before reconfiguring and rebuilding.
> If you're willing to chase this further, I welcome your report. 
> On-list, of course. :)
>> I'm building with gcc 3.2.3 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.
> I'm curious: why use an old compiler on a new OS?
Oops.  The build machine is still RHEL3, but we're in the process of 
upgrading.  The other development test machines are RHEL 5 now.


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