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From:Rick Gutleber Date:July 8 2008 5:13pm
Subject:Re: Thread-awareness vs thread-safety
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Oh, that's obvious.  I should have realized there'd be an "rpm" target 
in the makefile. 

However, you call sleep( ) a couple places in the cpool.cpp file and 
that won't build in the thread-aware version.  Since this is an example 
file, it won't make any difference to the library, so I just commented 
those sleep( ) calls out.



Warren Young wrote:
> Rick Gutleber wrote:
>> Is there any way to build with the SRPM while specifying the 
>> additional configure flag, or do I need to build from the source?
> Download the tarball, open mysql++.spec in a text editor, change the 
> configure command (line 49, currently) to add/remove flags as desired, 
> then -- as root -- say "make rpm".  In addition to rebuilt i386.RPMs, 
> you will also get a .src.rpm with this new spec file embedded so you 
> can rebuild with the recommended command, such as on different machines.

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