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From:Warren Young Date:May 30 2008 12:17pm
Subject:Re: Deadlock exception
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Warren Young wrote:
> use a separate Connection from each thread?

Sorry, wooly thinking...  Of course you can get deadlocks with multiple 
connections....that's the only way, in fact.  Need more caffeine....

Anyway, this is almost certainly not a bug in MySQL++.  Not that MySQL++ 
never has bugs, but that there's no code in MySQL++ for generating this 
error code.  Unless MySQL++ is somehow corrupting your query strings, I 
don't see how the problem could be in MySQL++.

It could be a bug in the server, but that's unlikely if you're running 
the current GA release.  If you're running something else, at least try 
your program against the current GA release on a test server.

If the problem continues when running against the current GA release of 
the server, the server is reporting a legitimate problem to your 
program.  Your program is somehow mistreating the database, and it is 
not happy about it.
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