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From:Warren Young Date:May 27 2008 3:29am
Subject:Re: Miscellaneous questions - compile flags and StoreQueryResult
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On May 24, 2008, at 11:24 PM, alpha@stripped wrote:

> Is there any way can I get rid of need for adding these include and
> library flags every time I want to compile?

These headers are segregated for good reason.

Perhaps you're typing the compilation command by hand each time?  If  
so, you need to start learning any or all of: Bourne shell scripting,  
Make, and Automake.  Once you have your build process automated, the  
build commands can be as long as you like.

> Also I read that sometimes I might need the flags "-L/usr/lib/mysql
> -L/usr/local/lib/mysql++", though my test script didn't need them.  
> In what
> situations would I need these flags?

You'd need them if the libraries in question were stored in the named  
directories instead of one searched automatically by the compiler.

> how can I find the number of fields


Or, get the Fields object from the result object, and walk through  
that list.

> *Since StoreQueryResult seems to read the result all at once, is it  
> really
> bad/slow/unadvisable for really huge results - say hundreds of  
> thousands
> or more rows?

It's covered in the manual:

> *How can I uninstall MySQL++?

If you built from source:

	$ cd /wherever/you/unpacked/it
	# make uninstall

If you installed a binary package, you uninstall it the same way you  
uninstall any other package on your system.

It would appear you need to get a book on Linux software development.   
Of the questions not already answered in the MySQL++ manual, the rest  
relate to topics you're expected to know as a Linux programmer.  It is  
inappropriate to post such general questions to a special-purpose  
mailing list like this one.
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