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From:Warren Young Date:May 27 2008 3:13am
Subject:Re: Failing to compile MySQL++
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On May 24, 2008, at 1:21 PM, FreezeBurnX wrote:

> if(!connect_to_db(argc,argv,con)){

This function is part of the examples in MySQL++ v2.x, not part of the  
MySQL++ library proper.  It exists only for the examples; it's not  
something to be reused.  Instead, create your connection with the  
Connection constructor, or with Connection::connect().

Or, better, switch to MySQL++ 3.x.  Among its many improvements are  
examples that don't hide this aspect of MySQL++ use within unreusable  
functions.  Look through the first parts of this section of the v3  
user manual to see the difference:

> I've been searching about this for
> more than 4 hours.

A mailing list search for "connect_to_db" pulls up 48 posts, some of  
which certainly contain this answer because it's been asked and  
answered several times before.  I believe it's covered in the Tutorial  
chapter of the v2 user manual, too.
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