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From:alpha Date:May 25 2008 5:24am
Subject:Miscellaneous questions - compile flags and StoreQueryResult
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I got MySQL++ working, but when compiling I need to add include and
library flags, e.g.:

g++ test.cpp -I/usr/include/mysql -I/usr/local/include/mysql++ -lmysqlpp

Is there any way can I get rid of need for adding these include and
library flags every time I want to compile?

Also I read that sometimes I might need the flags "-L/usr/lib/mysql
-L/usr/local/lib/mysql++", though my test script didn't need them. In what
situations would I need these flags?

And a few more questions:

*In a StoreQueryResult object, how can I find the number of fields, so I
can iterate over both rows and fields in nested for() loops?

*Since StoreQueryResult seems to read the result all at once, is it really
bad/slow/unadvisable for really huge results - say hundreds of thousands
or more rows?

*How can I uninstall MySQL++?


Miscellaneous questions - compile flags and StoreQueryResultalpha25 May
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