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From:Brett M Date:May 24 2008 1:16am
Subject:Re: SSQLS Limitation (again)
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Warren Young wrote:

On May 22, 2008, at 6:16 AM, Brett M wrote:

one of the tables I need to read (not
write to) has 31 columns, I only need the first seven and the very last

Then you don't need 31 column support.


You only need as many columns declared in the SSQLS as you actually pull
from the DB.  (Technically not even that: if you pull more cols from the DB
than is in the SSQLS, the extra just gets sliced off, in v3.)

Excellent, thanks Watten, that works.  I did try something very similar to
this but it didn't work, seems so obvious now.

 this is an open
source application and I hope many people will want to use it, I can't
expect them all to do the same thing on their systems.

Anyone not interested in changing their MySQL++ code is likely to want
binaries from you, not source.  So, if you ever do need more than 25 of
those columns at once, it's probably still not Game Over.

Its an open source application for Linux (and being a gentoo fanboy) I will
be distributing it as source.


Sure, but technically that then requires that you use LGPL for your own
code, or something compatible.

It also means you're one step behind whenever we change the definition of
the SSQLSes.

Third strike: it isn't necessary, as described above.

 I hope to release my application as LGPL anyway but as you point out in
your first answer my problem is solved regardless.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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