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From:support Date:May 22 2008 11:34pm
Subject:Re: license question
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Warren Young wrote:
> On May 22, 2008, at 4:25 PM, support wrote:
>> mysql++ isn't much use without the mysql C api...
> That's true.
> Are you just wishing it were not so, or were you about to propose some
> change that *makes* it not so?
>> I want to create a closed source app. I want to use mysql++. I don't
>> link to mysql C api or touch it, but mysql++ does.
>> I want to include the mysql++ dll and the mysql C api dll with my app
>> when I
>> distribute it so it 'just works'. I don't mind making the source for
>> those available if I have to. I will not allow any of my code to become
>> GPL or LGPL.
> I'm sure you can find a lawyer who is willing to argue that case for
> you.  For a fee, of course.
SO that is a no.
>> I do not want to spend money.
> Something for nothing, eh?  :)
No sir. Don't assume too much. This is not politics or emotion for me.
The project MUST be closed source. Thats the way it is. Out of my hands.
If money is to be spent, it will be spent on an existing MS SQL
infrastructure. It seems mysql++ can't fit my requirements then. Unless
I can find some info on mysql pricing and work it in the budget.

>>I'm sure you can find a better place to ask that question.

Well mysql++ looks like nice work there anyway. :) cheers
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