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From:Warren Young Date:May 22 2008 10:43pm
Subject:Re: license question
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On May 22, 2008, at 4:25 PM, support wrote:

> mysql++ isn't much use without the mysql C api...

That's true.

Are you just wishing it were not so, or were you about to propose some  
change that *makes* it not so?

> I want to create a closed source app. I want to use mysql++. I don't  
> link to mysql C api or touch it, but mysql++ does.
> I want to include the mysql++ dll and the mysql C api dll with my  
> app when I
> distribute it so it 'just works'. I don't mind making the source for
> those available if I have to. I will not allow any of my code to  
> become
> GPL or LGPL.

I'm sure you can find a lawyer who is willing to argue that case for  
you.  For a fee, of course.

> I do not want to spend money.

Something for nothing, eh?  :)

Hard cash isn't the only token that'll make this sociolegal carousel  
go 'round.  If you read the MySQL++ Wishlist, you'll find a plan for  
making MySQL++ talk to other databases.  If you're willing to work  
with us to develop that, it solves your problem.

Just offering it as an option to consider...

> what about the mysql ODBC connector?

I'm sure you can find a better place to ask that question.
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