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From:Brett M Date:May 22 2008 12:16pm
Subject:SSQLS Limitation (again)
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I have only just subscribed to the list so I don't know how to add to
the existing April thread on this.

My question is about increasing the max number of columns using the
method described in the documentation from the link Warren posted.
I am writing an open source application to interface with an existing
mysql database.  I have no control over this database and cannot change
its structure.  Unfortunately one of the tables I need to read (not
write to) has 31 columns, I only need the first seven and the very last

I can  increase the  max columns and run the perl script on my own
computer and everything will work fine, however as this is an open
source application and I hope many people will want to use it, I can't
expect them all to do the same thing on their systems.

Therefore my question is, does increasing the max_parameters to 31 and
running the perl script really require a rebuild of the library?  Can I
cheat and just generate the macros required for a 31 column table and
copy them into a header in my own application code?

Otherwise does anyone have any ideas for what I can do to overcome this


SSQLS Limitation (again)Brett M22 May
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