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From:Warren Young Date:May 12 2008 12:09am
Subject:RELEASE: v3.0.3
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Just bug fixes this time around:

     o Fixed query well-formedness handling in Query::store() and use().
       It was quietly eating these errors, confusing them with the
       no-results case.

     o Fixed examples/cpool.cpp to build without thread support.

     o No longer hiding all stdint.h typedefs inside namespace mysqlpp.

     o Fixed mysqlpp::String comparisons of empty strings against
       nonempty strings; if the empty string was on the left hand side,
       it would succeed because it was only comparing against characters
       in the empty side, which matches everything.  (Fixes bug 11588.)

As always, it's available at
RELEASE: v3.0.3Warren Young12 May